NoSQL Database: Running On-premises vs. Cloud
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  Zigmars Rasscevskis   Zigmars Rasscevskis


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

For IT infrastructure in general, it is an important question either to run database on-premises or in the cloud. However, there are ways in which NoSQL database makes an big difference between those two deployment options. A database on-premises can run only as fast as hardware it is installed, while from cloud it can deliver massive speed and capacity. In cloud, NoSQL database can operate as multi-tenant system, which enables dynamic resource sharing, instant scalability and effective cost-models.

This talk will provide insights into practical aspects that are important for cloud databases, such as:

  • Failure domains and prevention strategies for cloud deployed database systems.
  • Impacts of massive parallelism on consistency guarantees and ACID-compliance.
  • Resource sharing and isolation.
These features enable building applications that handle complex traffic patterns and scale instantly without necessity to build sophisticated provisioning models.

After eight years, Zigmars left his senior engineering position at Google to join Clusterpoint, seeing the importance of NoSQL database technology that is available to developers worldwide. Zigmars has worked across different areas of engineering at Google including Cluster Management and Product Search, and in his last position, he served as engineering manager of the Websearch backend team in Zurich. His experience in building the largest, most scalable search engine in the world has made him believe in the utility of distributed systems. At Clusterpoint Zigmars is happy to lead a team focused on NoSQL database technology that makes a difference for developers and organizations by taking care of the complexity of data management. The key factor for Zigmars to join Clusterpoint was its commitment of the team to innovation in database technology.

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