Enterprise Ready Big Data – Closing Gaps in Data Architecture
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  Sameer Joshi   Sameer Joshi
Datanova Scientific


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Product/Service Offering

Big-data usually resides outside enterprise data life-cycles. The tools, processes, security, and governance for big-data end up following parallel (and usually, untrodden) paths from the ‘mainstream’ enterprise data. This prevents enterprises from using big-data with the same efficacy as, say, warehouse data. Silos proliferate.

We present HELIOS, a Big Data Management System that extends traditional management to big-data, while fully supporting new capabilities such as semantics and big-analytics.

  • HELIOS provides full semantics, security, and data management out of the box.
  • HELIOS combines a document store, wide column store, and key-value store into one seamless system. This allows enterprises to create comprehensive and cohesive data architectures for their ERP, log, analytical-output, heavy-object, unstructured, and other data.
  • Users can create value rapidly through rich indexing options, in-database integration of Apache Spark, Map Reduce, ETL, and custom methods.
  • Drastically lowered costs of big-data development and ownership.

HELIOS is currently being used by the U.S. intelligence community, commercial users, and academia.

Dr. Joshi is a recognized expert in the areas of big-data systems, data science, semantics, machine learning, and natural language processing. He has architected and implemented near internet-scale systems for the DOD and fortune 500 companies. As the Engineer-Scientist-CEO of Datanova, he has helped pioneer breakthrough technologies that tame big-data, and created enterprise grade products. Dr. Joshi’s current passion is improving big-data science through better mathematical modeling of NoSQL – and not just relying on semantics or SQL. Dr. Joshi likes to be called “Dr. J”, though almost no one actually calls him that.

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