NoSQL Databases: To Document or Not to Document, That is the Question
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  Dave Rubin   Dave Rubin
Director, Oracle NoSQL Database development


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Document as well as Key-value/Tabular NoSQL databases are extremely popular. Both data models can store JSON objects and both are fast and simple. In theory, either one could be used to model your data. The question is, when is one data model better than the other? This 5-minute lightning talk will discuss the tradeoffs in choosing between a document oriented NoSQL database like MongoDB or CouchDB versus choosing a more defined schema NoSQL database like HBase, Cassandra, or Oracle NoSQL Database.

Dave Rubin has extensive background in big data systems. Prior to Oracle, Dave was with Cox Enterprises where he ran the Infrastructure Engineering organization responsible for developing big data systems in the Online Display Advertising vertical. Previously, he ran the engineering teams at Rapt Inc, delivering Price Optimization and Inventory Forecasting solutions to online media companies. Dave started his career at Sybase where he worked on various parts of the database kernel including access methods, query optimization, resource management, and transaction management. He holds four U.S. patents in the areas of query optimization and advanced transaction models.

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