The Future of DB: Single Polymorphic Databases for Structured and Unstructured Data
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  Norman Kutemperor   Norman T Kutemperor
Scientel Corp


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

A challenge we face every day: SQL DB’s handle structured data while NoSQL DB’s handle unstructured data. This has forced many businesses and individuals to deploy 2 or more Databases. To avoid this inefficiency, overhead, time and cost, Scientel has developed the industry’s first truly polymorphic database – Gensonix®.

Gensonix NOSQL DB is THE viable solution to today’s Big Data requirements. Its structured data capabilities support relational type tables and queries. Gensonix promotes multi-modeling with schema-based relational tables for true structured data with add-on Network and Column models to eliminate costly and repetitive indexing. This improves performance while saving greatly on storage requirements. Additionally, Gensonix supports schema-less key value/document type stores for all forms of unstructured data thus improving efficiency.

Gensonix handles all types of DBMS tasks, including Big Data, advanced BI/Analytics, Data Warehouse and related off-shelf or custom applications. Gensonix can run on industry standard hardware; it is optimized for HPC systems for large data bases while at the same time provides stunning performance on Scientel’s “My little Big Data” ™ appliance; a tiny form factor system. The flexibility and efficiency of Scientel’s NSQL©® language when combined with the efficient massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture delivers performance that matches other in-memory systems without the cost of in-memory implementations.

IT Technology CEO of the Year, Founder/CEO - SCIENTEL IT Corp. Bingham Farms, Michigan -Developers of Industry’s first NoSQL DB Infrastructure solution featuring NSQL©® language for structured and unstructured Big Data, Large Data Warehouse Appliances, Content Management solutions, BI/Data Analytics. MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS: Gensonix® NoSQL Polymorphic DB, Scientel Intranet – A commercial Intranet solution for In-house Web-like applications, etc. Also developers of Industry leading applications such as - DBIS® Intranet Supply Chain Management System, DBIS–ecom ecommerce solution, ECMS™ Enterprise Content Management and Search system, My little Big Data™ Content Management solution for SMB marketplace. Also known today as the Father of NoSQL as well as The Voice of Big Data in Europe; credited with changing 21st century business for developing the first polymorphic DB and is the winner of Business Worldwide Magazine IT Technology CEO of the Year Award.

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