Rethink Real-time. Bypass Batch. Question your Questions.
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  Anne Hunt   Anne Hunt
EVP Products
Synthos Technologies


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Product/Service Offering

How do you build an enterprise solution to mine massive amounts of text in true real-time? How can you remove an organization's dependency on batch processing? How do you make in-memory feasible at scale? Dr. Anne Hunt of Synthos Technologies will discuss three core technologies that have the potential to change the expectations of enterprise database management systems.

Specifically, she'll address compression technology that enables in-memory capabilities to be leveraged for the enterprise like never before; scoring and ranking IP that bring search engine-like capabilities to database management systems such as returning candidate sets and best-match results to users; and per-transaction analytics embedded right in the database. This capability set represents a whole new way of interacting with information.

Dr. Hunt is responsible for piloting the design, development, and delivery of Synthos Technologies' new sense-making products. Most recently, Anne was the Co-Founder and Vice President of Otto, a company that helps consumers buy and sell cars through a web application based on social trust and data transparency. There, she led a team of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and user experience experts to provide software development, product strategy, user experience research, A/B testing, and social media messaging to target customer needs. Prior to Otto, Anne served as Vice President at Quantifind and as Senior Product Manager at Couchsurfing, directing product and software development planning and implementation. Anne has led product development initiatives and supported business strategies for various companies. She has experience in research and new product development from previous work with Microsoft, The Boeing Company, and Ingenuity Systems.

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