The Internet Enterprise: How to Scale Out for High Performance Customer Engagement
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  Billy Bosworth   Billy Bosworth


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
08:30 AM - 09:00 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

There’s ongoing buzz about extracting business value from data, but much less is understood and discussed about the best infrastructure with which to house and manage that data for optimal performance and availability. Traditional technologies aren’t keeping up, while the vast amount of data currently available and created by organizations and their customers will only continue to increase. Organizations face a stark choice – either embrace new technologies to meet the performance and availability demands of modern applications, or be left behind as their competitors reinvent themselves.

In this session, DataStax CEO, Billy Bosworth, will share his expertise on building the right database infrastructure for modern applications. Based on years of hands-on experience, Billy will provide practical steps for transforming your business into an “Internet Enterprise” and finding success in the digital era. Billy will look at concrete examples of companies like Safeway, Clear Capital, and Target which are using a “scale out” approach to help transition to “Internet Enterprises” and show how they are using a data-driven mindset to transform their customer engagements.

Billy is responsible for the strategy, explosive growth, and day-to-day operations of DataStax. He has 20 years of experience in the database industry in roles ranging from DBA to senior executive. Prior to DataStax, Billy spent six years at Quest Software, a provider of systems management software, where his most recent role was VP and GM of the database business unit. Under his leadership, the industry-leading Quest database business grew from supporting traditional relational databases to a portfolio that now includes tools for cloud, NoSQL, columnar, and Hadoop databases, as well as business intelligence offerings. Prior to Quest, Billy led product teams for Embarcadero Technologies' database productivity solutions. Billy holds a bachelor of science in computer science from the University of Louisville.

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