In-Memory Computing with Hazelcast
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  Talip Ozturk   Talip Ozturk
Founder & CTO
  Kevin Hanson   Kevin Hanson
Sales Director


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Imagine a cluster of hundreds of servers, each with terabytes of memory. How would you build your application to run entirely in-memory? How can we can get the most out of in-memory computing? In this session, we will go over available approaches & tools and discover how open source Hazelcast simplifies in-memory computing.

Talip Ozturk is the founder & CTO of Hazelcast. He has been working with enterprise Java since 1999. He worked as a consultant at MIC (Virginia), developer at a start-up company, Syncline (Boston) and sales architect at Itochu Technologies (New York). In 2003, he got fascinated by Jini and developed an implementation of JavaSpaces. In 2008, his passion for distributed programming led him to develop Hazelcast. Before Hazelcast, Talip was the director of technology at Zaman Media Group (Istanbul). In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer.

Kevin Hanson is a veteran of the NoSQL industry, having worked in a variety of technical and business roles at MarkLogic and MongoDB over an 8 year period. Kevin currently manages the Western USA for Hazelcast, working to expand adoption of the product and ensure customer success. Hazelcast is an in-memory data grid used for distributed caching and in memory processing. Kevin brings expertise in the non relational database and search engine fields. He graduated from UC San Diego in Electrical Engineering, and he's a big sports fan - go Raiders and go Lakers! In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, boating, and playing with the latest and greatest gadgets.

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