On the path to Nirvana: Supporting OLTP and OLAP on Hadoop
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  Monte Zweben   Monte Zweben
CEO & Co-Founder
Splice Machine


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Hadoop, Hive and HBase all laid the groundwork for a scalable storage system to power applications and analytics. This talk compares and contrasts four architectures that bring us closer to Hadoop “Nirvana” where you have the operational/OLTP behavior of HBase with the SQL support necessary for OLAP.

The architectures include:

  • A traditional Hadoop/Hive/HBase environment
  • Apache Spark operating on Apache HBase
  • Apache Phoenix, a “SQL layer on HBase”
  • Splice Machine, a Hadoop RDBMS built on Apache Derby, Apache HBase, and Apache Spark
These systems will be compared along performance metrics for both OLTP and OLAP benchmarks. Some will not be able to even compute the benchmarks and some will be orders of magnitudes faster. We will provide guidelines on when to use which architecture based on use cases and the desired OLTP and OLAP performance criteria.

Monte Zweben is the CEO and co-founder of Splice Machine, provider of The Hadoop RDBMS. A technology industry veteran, Monte's early career was spent with the NASA Ames Research Center as the Deputy Chief of the Artificial Intelligence Branch, where he won the prestigious Space Act Award for his work on the Space Shuttle program. Monte then founded and was the Chairman and CEO of Red Pepper Software, a leading supply chain optimization company, which merged in 1996 with PeopleSoft, where he was VP and General Manager, Manufacturing Business Unit. In 1998, Monte was the founder and CEO of Blue Martini Software - the leader in e-commerce and multi-channel systems for retailers. Blue Martini went public on NASDAQ in one of the most successful IPOs of 2000, and is now part of JDA. Zweben currently serves on the Board of Directors of Rocket Fuel Inc. as well as the Dean's Advisory Board for Carnegie-Mellon's School of Computer Science.

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