Developing a Holistic Security Strategy for MongoDB
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  Kathryn Zeidenstein   Kathryn Zeidenstein
Technology Evangelist
  Bryan Reinero   Bryan Reinero
US Developer Advocate


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
04:45 PM - 05:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The endless and repetitive drumbeat of highly publicized data breaches and the subsequent black marks on brands and careers have caused organizations around the world to seriously reprioritize their efforts around data security and to increase the level of scrutiny of their database security. The same stringent requirements apply to NoSQL systems as for heritage relational systems, and it's critical for proponents of NoSQL to be able to articulate and defend their choice when questioned about security, compliance, and data privacy. A holistic approach to data security includes hardening the database against known vulnerabilities and poor management practices, controlling access using appropriate access controls, monitoring database activity and mining the activity for suspicious behavior, anonymizing sensitive data, and encrypting data at rest and in motion.

In this session, you will get guidance on:

  • Developing a holistic security strategy for MongoDB using native MongoDB capabilities and partner solutions from IBM Security
  • A holistic approach to data security
  • Access control and monitoring
  • Encryption
  • Automated vulnerability assessment and database hardening

Kathryn Zeidenstein is a technology evangelist for IBM InfoSphere Guardium data protection solutions, based out of the Silicon Valley Lab. She is responsible for producing content to build skills and raise awareness for Guardium technologies. She has published several articles and has presented at conferences such as NoSQL Now! She has also done webcasts with organizations such as the Information Systems Security Association and partners such as MongoDB.

Bryan Reinero is a Senior Consulting Engineer at MongoDB, helping users optimize MongoDB for scale and performance and a contributor to the Java Driver for MongoDB. Earlier, Bryan was Software Engineering Manager at Valueclick, building and managing large scale marketing applications for advertising, retargeting, real-time bidding and campaign optimization. Earlier still, Bryan specialized in software for embedded systems at Ricoh Corporation and developed data analysis and signal processing software at the Experimental Physics Branch of Ames Research Center.

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