Native XML Databases: Death or Coming of Age?
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  David Barrett   David Barrett
Principal Engineer
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

Level:  Case Study

XML databases were a hot topic 10-15 years ago. Judging by the number of research papers and the evolution of the technology since then, it would seem that XML databases may have met their demise. Nonetheless, there are many real problems that are best solved with an XML database to store, retrieve, and manipulate XML documents.

We will present a use case and plan to discuss:

  • Why a native XML database (NXDb) turned out to be a good solution for a massive data warehouse problem
  • Why other solutions fell short
  • The features that are desirable, or even possibly indispensable, that would make NXDbs more attractive to application designers

David A. Barrett is a Principal Engineer working on data analytics for the Office of the Chief Scientist at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. After earning his Ph.D., he has been teaching and applying results from computer-science research to engineer solutions for large-scale software problems during the last twenty years. His expertise includes machine learning, software systems, networks, databases, programming languages and compiler-construction.

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