The Gremlin Graph Traversal Language
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  Marko Rodriguez   Marko A Rodriguez
Director of Engineering


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Gremlin is a vendor-neutral, functional graph traversal language developed by Apache TinkerPop and supported by various graph system vendors. As a language, Gremlin is unique in that it is embedded in the native language of the developer and not sent to the graph system as a "fat string" with the returned "result set" typically seen with most data query languages. In essence, there is no distinction between querying the database and working with the results of a query. While Gremlin-Java and Gremlin-Groovy are the versions of Gremlin distributed with Apache TinkerPop, there also exists Gremlin-Scala, Gremlin-Clojure, Gremlin-JavaScript, etc. Moreover, Apache TinkerPop enables any programming language dialect of Gremlin to be executed both as an real-time, OLTP query against a graph database or a batch, OLAP query against a graph processing system. This presentation will discuss modern graph computing, the Gremlin language and demonstrate Gremlin's use with graph databases (OLTP) and graph processors (OLAP).

Dr. Marko A. Rodriguez has focused his academic and commercial career on graph theory, network science, and graph-system architecture and development. He is a TinkerPop cofounder and serves as the lead developer of the Gremlin graph traversal language. Marko received his Bachelors in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego, his Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz and was a Director’s Fellow at the Center for Nonlinear Studies of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Marko has been a Director of Engineering at DataStax since his graph computing firm, Aurelius, was acquired in February of 2015.

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